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Highlander Icons

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Another icon community!

As the name indicates, this is a community for posting and sharing Highlander icons and Highlander graphics, since as far as I could tell, the only other good Highlander Comm out there is watchers.

Community Rules

1) plz do not type like this. its hard 2 read & understand. thx.

2) When posting more than four icons, please use the lj-cut tag. Some people have slow connections, and it's a drag to load tons of icons.

3) Requests are more than welcome, but try not to flood the comm with them.

4) Icon don't have to be exclusively Highlander related. If, for instance, you have images/icons of the HL actors playing a different role, you're more than welcome to post them. We'd all run out of images fast, if we had to stick with screen shots from the series!

4) No stealing icons! If you're going to take someone's icon, comment and tell them. If you're going to take someone's icon and pass their work off as your own, you'll be removed from the community. The same applies to hotlinking. Stealing bandwidth just isn't cool.

~ Sarah/faile02, your friendly neighborhood mod.